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Inkle bookmarks

Inkle woven bookmark

I wove some bookmarks on my larger inkle loom a couple of months ago, but ran out of the silver beads to put on the ends, so only two out of the five are finished so far. However, just before Christmas I found some more of the beads at the markets, so now I can twist the fringes on the others. I sent one of the finished ones to a friend; I’ll probably use the others as small gifts here and there. I’ll probably weave some more at some stage, as it was a quick and easy thing to do, and I can have the loom at the computer and weave while I’m thinking of words to write!

Inkle woven bookmark detail

The pattern was a very sinple one – quick and mindless to weave! – and the yarns were fine wool yarns from my stash. I wove these ones in black and purple for a halloween theme, but if I weave another lot they’ll be in different colours.

2 Responses to Inkle bookmarks

  • Kaz Madigan says:

    Inkle weaving is one of my favourite types of weaving, although I have one on my inkle loom at the moment which is taking f o r e v e r to weave off. I like how you’ve added the beads on the warp ends – they will be beautiful for bookmarks.

  • Bron says:

    I’ve only done simple inkle bands so far – I must try some pick-up to get some more varied designs!