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Brown skeins

While at the Armidale Show last weekend, I was spinning some brown carded fibre I’ve had for quite a few years. We used it for folks to have a go at spinning, and wound off what they’d spun as their momento, but in between I kept spinning it, and filled a bobbin. So, this past week, I’ve spun another bobbin, and I finished plying them tonight while watching the news. Spinning is soooo much quicker when you’re not spinning lace weight!

Brown handspun yarn

These skeins aren’t anything fancy, but since I haven’t spun simple coloured wool for a while, it’s been a nice change. I don’t have a lot more of the carded fibre, so I think these skeins will ultimately be a pair of socks.

Now, I’m off to watch Murphy’s Law and Spooks on TV – I enjoy Friday night British crime shows! – so I’ll be working on the second bliss sock while I’m relaxing. Only another few rows before I start on the heel 🙂

3 Responses to Brown skeins

  • Terri says:

    Hello Bronwyn,
    Thanks for the message on my blog and letting me know about the new (ish) wool shop in Armidale. Now I know there’s another knitting close-by to the Uni library, I’m awful tempted to take some knitting with me…you know just in case I should run into another knitter by chance. (g) But I can see myself knitting instead of working, so I’d better leave it out of the bag so I’m not tempted. Should you happen into the Dixon on Wednesday and see someone knitting in a corner trying to look inconspicuous… :o)

  • Leigh says:

    Hi. I was surfing WeaveRing and came across your blog. Lots of interesting things going on here. I really like the scarf you wove. Beautiful grading of colors. Very nice!

  • Alex says:

    I’ve not seen Quince & Co before, but the ctmemnos make me think I should find some! I’ve been on a big warm-collies kick lately; looked through my yarn stash last year & saw so many blues & greens & greys that I (oh so reluctantly) made myself buy some Malabrigo and Madelinetosh in orange and yellow and pinky-brown. The honey will be a nice follow-on from that!