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March goals

1. Finish the Knittery merino/cashmere jaywalkers

2. Finish the Jo Sharp Fisherman’s gansey (only a few more inches on the front to go, then knit the collar and sew it all up)

3. Finish the baby jacket (only have to do the button bands – but I hate picking up button bands, so this project has stalled too long!)

4. Knit at least one sock in a pair for my Dad (bth have to be finished in the first week of April, in time to post for his birthday.)

5. Knit fingerless mittens for my friend Kerry.

That all should keep me busy – because I also have to write several more chapters of my book!

One Response to March goals

  • Jayant says:

    Hey Dianne, it’s Tanya jumping over from the Chatelaine board to say hi:-) Those brwoines are breaking my heart – and my diet resolutions! That shawl looks killer; have you seen the Bermuda Shawl on Ravelry by Ilga Leja? It is my next project and I am dying, dying, dying to get started. Just waiting on the Kauni to come in at my LYS. Stitching will get short shrift when it does 🙂