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Perfect fit

After all the problems with the two goes at the Jaywalker pattern, it’s a great feeling to actually knit something that fits first time!

Hand knitted fingerless mitt

Yes, I still have to knit the second one, and yes, I still have to find out if they’ll fit Kerry (and whether she’ll like them), but for the moment I’m feeling good about this. There’s enough in the skein to knit two pairs, which is great, because I definitely want a pair for myself!

ETA – Okay, it took me a while to see it, despite having photographed the glove and admired it for half of the day. But yes, there is an oopsie in that there glove. Damn. Damn. Damn. Either I get to frog it back (I don’t think I wanna), or that glove will have to become mine… but will the mistake annoy me forever? Or will I be able to achieve a zen-like acceptance of it?

3 Responses to Perfect fit

  • frillbow says:

    I can’t see an oopsie! These look fantastic. A perfect pattern to yarn match.

  • Katie says:

    I’ve looked really hard, and I can’t see the mistake. If it really bothers you, you should redo it, but if you don’t, no-one is going to notice.

    I really like these – they look warm and comfortable, and I love the yarn and cables.

  • Bron says:

    Thanks, frillbow and Katie! The mistake is in the left cable – it reverses direction half-way along. It’s not really obvious, but now I know it’s there, that’s where my gaze goes directly to! However, I’m still pleased with the overall design and the yarn/pattern effect – and it’s definitely a cosy mitt!