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Weaving – at last!

So, back in June, I thought I’d make some progress on the warp that had been draped over the loom for six months at that stage. That first day, I blogged that I’d gotten this far:

Thrading fine black wool warp on loom

Threading fine black wool warp on loom

The next day, I trheaded 3 more inches – 5 of the total 8. And then, it sat. And sat. (Yes, and gathered some dust…)

On Thursday, I finished threading, sleying, tying it up, and got weaving…

However, I’m still not quite sure what I want to do! I’ve only done a few inches, sampling at this stage. The warp is 5 metres, and its threaded in a twill/advancing twill pattern. The original plan was to weave about half in plain weave, to have a contrasting fabric for collars/bands on a jacket made of fabric I wove years ago, and to weave the other half with a contrasting yarn in the pattern as a scarf.

This is the cloth I wove some years ago, with the jacket pattern I’m using for inspiration – however, I plan to a) make the bands and collar a bit narrower, and b) make the jacket a bit longer, and without the bottom band. The checked fabric will be the body of the jacket; what I’m weaving now will be the bands. I think.

Handwoven cloth

Handwoven cloth

Advancing twill on fine black wool warp

Advancing twill on fine black wool warp

The jacket fabric – on the right – has the fine black wool, intersected with a slightly thicker mauve yarn, which creates a gorgeous texture. The current weaving – on the left – has a sample of the twill pattern using the same mauve yarn, plain weave with the black yarn, and the advancing twill pattern, black on black (hardly visible). I think the twill pattern in the mauve will be too much – because the mauve is thicker yarn than the black, it overpowers it. I could try weaving it as overshot – with a black tabby thread between each mauve pick, which would ‘black’ it up a bit more, but I think it would still be too much. (The sample is only one pattern repeat; it would be repeated up the band).

So, I’m leaning towards the plain black as the contrast. Any thoughts?

5 Responses to Weaving – at last!

  • Kristin says:

    First – it’s lovely fabric! I envy those with the patience/talent to sew with their fabric (something I really need to work on…) And, second, my first thought was the same as yours – overshot. Give it a whirl, it might be nice, but I think plain black will work well, too.

  • Since your fabric for the body of the jacket already has a certain amount of “busy-ness” to it – with the little squares, the contrast of the mauve, and the different textures – I think you’re probably right in thinking the subtlety of a black on black pattern may be the best way to complement it.

    Though on it’s own, your pattern looks neat with the mauve! An overshot version would probably look really neat on it’s own too, but I’m afraid it may still be too contrasting to fit your needs.

    Be sure and show the jacket once you get it all finished! šŸ™‚

  • Bron says:

    Thanks for your comments, Kristin and ReluctantDragon! I think I will go with the plain – but I’ll weave an overshot sample, just for fun šŸ™‚

  • Amanda says:

    I know nothing about weaving but what you’ve done so far looks great. I love the colour scheme.

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