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My life is a bit up and down at the moment, and I’m kind of in a hiatus on several fronts; looks like I’ll be having brain surgery in the next couple of months, and I’ve also got to start again on the next book – very tough decision to make, but it just wasn’t working. My new idea, however, is starting to bubble away this last 24 hours, and I think the new heroine is going to work. Now I just have to come up with a hero, and a plot, beyond the first few pages!

To counter the down bits and nurture the creative spirit, I’m concentrating on some less-demanding creativity; amongst other things, I’ve started designing another shawl. I’m aiming for a semi-circular shawl this time. I’m using Bendigo 4ply luxury for the prototype, and here’s a teaser:
Knitted shawl beginning

I’m not sure what the rest of it will look like yet, so I’m in the same position as with the new book – great beginning, but still a long way to go!

Did you notice the little red danglies? Yes, I have become a sucker for stitch markers. I love the pretties, hanging off my needles, and for this shawl I need three. I didn’t have any in my small stash of purchased ones that toned properly with the crimson of the yarn, so I made some. Then I made some more. Now I’m just anxiously waiting for the postmen to bring some tigerwire, because the wire I have isn’t ideal. But these ones will be fine for me!
Knitting stitch markers

4 Responses to Beginnings

  • Tam says:

    I love the stitch markers, too, though I haven’t learned How yet 🙂 That little blue one is really cute. Makes me think of the world on a string. Can’t wait to see how the shawl turns out this time. As it is, I’m thinking of chucking in the current WIPs for Brangian, after seeing Bells’ one…

  • M-H says:

    Sorry to hear about more surgery. Ugh.

    I have bought a copy of Brangian, and am looking forward to starting it in a Lush Yarn 50/50 merino and silk. Who’da thunk a sensible tailored woman like me would get into shawls? 🙂

  • M-H says:

    Sorry, meant have *got* a copy…

  • Jan says:

    Hope all goes well with surgery etc. I love the stitchmarkers and the little teaser of the shawl. I like Bendigo luxury and have some stashed so will be interested to see your new pattern. Have done nothing on Brangian 2 all week as I’ve been knitting something needed for a friend in chilly Mallacoota. However, once I post that tomorrow, I’ll get back to it.

    I find knitting very grounding, even just counting pattern repeats in Brangian or the repeats on my big cowl from Lush. My life is very unsettled too, although I’ll have more idea of where it’s heading in just another three days. In the meantime knitting helps.