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Aurora’s Light?

Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions for the name for the new shawl. I’ve been looking up goddesses and heroines of legend, trying to find one connected with the sun, stars, or dawn – one with an easy to spell, and pretty name!

I think I’ve decided on Aurora. In Roman mythology, she is the Goddess of Dawn, and I think the shawl design can be seen to have dawn spreading over forests and streams… However, as there are multiple shawls and other items called ‘Aurora’ on Ravelry, the name needs something extra – so how does Aurora’s Light sound?

And here she is, in the shawlette size:
Aurora's Light Shawlette

I hope to get some better photos soon, but it was a grey, wet day today, so not much photography was happening!

Now I just have to finish writing up the pattern, send it out to testers, and finish knitting a shawl-size one. In all that spare time I have….

3 Responses to Aurora’s Light?

  • Jan says:

    Phoebe is light in Greek. Not as common perhaps as Aurora. You could also have Aurora’s Dawn. Or perhaps Dawn Fingers or Fingers of Dawn or First Light.

    How much will the smaller shawl take. I have plenty for a large shawl in laceweight but I bought some lovely rosy dawn colours in fingering the other day which would look good in the smaller size. 340 metres

  • Bronwyn says:

    Hi Jan! Thanks for the suggestion about Phoebe – I’ve settled on Aurora’s Light for this one, but Phoebe is a lovely name and she may find herself with a shawl sometime in the future!

    Semi-circular seems to use a bit more yarn than triangular. For this shawlette, I used 410 metres (which is about 450 yards) so unfortunately your 340 metres is not enough for this one.

    I’m currently knitting a version of the larger size in a heavy laceweight – but there’s still a fair bit to go before it’s finished!

  • It’s really gorgeous. Need another beta knitter? I’m willing — more than willing. I want to knit this. I have some Brooks Farm Acero in a deep purple semisolid that would be perfect for it. What’s the yardage?