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Christmas Lights Shawl Released

This afternoon, after checking over the pattern again, I created a pattern page on Ravelry for the Christmas Lights Shawl and made it available for sale. I’ve also updated my pattern section here, and added the pattern into the Yarnosophy shop, but I’m sure Ravelry will be the place that most people go! (Which is fine by me, as Jess & Casey have created such an amazing community there that I like to support them as much as possible.)

Here’s some of Tara’s photos of the sample shawls, taken at our photoshoot yesterday:
Christmas Lights Shawl - edge detail

Christmas Lights Shawl - detail

Christmas Lights Shawlette - shawlette size

Christmas Lights Shawl - medium size

So, after months of knitting and calculating and charting and drafting and checking and rechecking and knitting… it’s finally done and out there!

One Response to Christmas Lights Shawl Released

  • Pam Binkley says:

    I am working on the Christmas Lights shawl and am now stumped…..Section C my stitches are not totaling up.
    I completed section B three times and the total number stitches is 283. At this point does it matter because the pattern changes. I don’t know what I did wrong and I don’t want to rip out anymore. Should I just continue with section C with mofits and hope I can get them space out correctly? Please advise Thanks Pam