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Big Day tomorrow

(Cross-posted from my writing blog)

Tomorrow is the big day – the surgery to bypass the aneurism-affected artery in my head. I really appreciate all the good wishes and positive thoughts and prayers from my many online and offline friends. My neuro-surgeon is highly regarded and well-liked and respected by the staff here, and the whole neuro care team is fantastic – skilled, caring, and focused on patient well-being, so I’m in excellent hands. And the doctors have promised that they’re going to have an early night tonight, and a good night’s sleep, so they’ll be fresh and ready in the morning 🙂 They have the hard work to do; I’ll just be snoozling through it all!

The surgery itself is quite lengthy, so I may not be settled into ICU until the evening, and they’re planning to keep me unconscious until well into Friday. I’ll be in ICU for some pharmacy days, and in hospital for maybe up to two weeks, so I probably won’t be online again for a little while.

Gordon will post updates to my writing blog with news on my progress; it may not be tomorrow night, as it will be a long day for him, and he may not see the doctors until evening. But he’ll post when he can. So please check over there for news.

Thanks again for all the good wishes. They do matter. I’m planning on getting through this fine, and getting back to writing books and knitting and weaving very soon!

Oh, and I finished the Christmas knitting on my first day on hospital last week – so I’m all organised, although it’s probable I’ll be spending Christmas in hospital. I still have plenty of knitting to keep me occupied during my recovery 🙂

2 Responses to Big Day tomorrow

  • Tam says:

    Make sure you get some alcohol with your Christmas dinner, and don’t take any excuses from those nurses!! (I’m a nurse, and we used to get a bit of champagne ourselves) 😀

  • Jan says:

    I hope all goes very well indeed and that your recovery is hassle free.