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Plain socks

Handknitted socks

They’re not fancy. There’s no lace, or cables, or other decorative stitches, just simple rib and stocking stitch teamed with a subtly striped yarn. I have another pair like this, in greens, and I love them as much as my fancier socks. The yarn is Trekking XXL, a good hard-wearing yarn with colour schemes that blend into each other. The pattern was a Patons pattern that I have memorised – and possibly adapted – over the years. It works. I added my shaped toe.

Plain socks, perfect socks.

One Response to Plain socks

  • Jan says:

    They look so cosy for your winter. I make the legs on my socks longish too as I don’t like gaps which let the draught in. sometimes plain cosy socks are just what is needed.

    I read your thoughts on the intertwining of subjects etc with interest. I have qualifications in differing areas abut am surprised at overlap on may occasions. I have BA (Latin, French majors and an English couple of years), Dip Ed. Add in Agriculture done part time for four years in my 40s. Then Diploma in Ministry and then an Honours degree in Theology. Yes, I can find many parts where these mingle. I love the historical side of knitting, just as I love the idea that the liturgy I repeat in church each week is similar to what others around the world say. Not only that but it has remained much the same for hundreds of years and developed in early centuries CE. I feel these connections within me just as I feel connections with earlier knitters making beautiful, practical things for family and home.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean an essay but you touched something there which is dear to me.

    So glad to hear of your reassuring visit to the specialist.