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New Year, new look

While I planned to post something today – a catch-up post – I didn’t actually plan to give the blog a whole new look. But you know how it goes… the theme I was using needed updating, and so I did the auto-update, and as a result it went all wrong. I could have stuffed around and fixed it (the problem was the widgets, I think), but I’d been planning to do a new theme, and I now have a great little program called Artisteer, so I played around on that and voila! – we have a new design!

So, what have I been up to since last I posted? Not a lot in the way of knitting and crafting, as I’ve been flat out teaching, marking, finishing a book and revising it. I have a number of wips languishing or receiving only occasional attention – two top-down cardigans, a lace shawl, some mittens for Gordon. But I did finish some red socks for my sister for Christmas:
Handknitted red socks

There was also a little Christmas sewing – a roll-up shopping bag for a batty friend who likes bats – the print isn’t really bats, but it looks a little like them so we call it bat camouflage:
Roll-up shopping bag

Shopping bag

I was in a secret santa swap with the local Ravelry crew, and I made an apron for my cheesecake-baker extraordinaire friend, Amanda:
Handsewn apron

They’re not made from yarn or fabric, but I’ve also made quite a lot of these in the past few weeks:
Sourdough crumpets
Sourdough crumpets – delicious toasted and spread with a little butter and honey! I stocked up my parents’ freezer while I was in Canberra for Christmas, and restocked ours yesterday.

Knitting-wise, I’m currently working on a lace doily:
Knitted lace doily in progress

…because I need some lace doilies for the lovely china teacup sets my sister gave me for Christmas:
Hitkari tea setting

Ashdene Kensignton tea setting

And the last thing I should mention is that we have a new puppy – 9 month old Skye, who joined our household two months ago, after we had to euthanise our beautiful, beloved Princess Dog. Skye loves toys…
Skye with her toys

… and is a fibre enthusiast…
stuffing from a cushion pulled out by puppy!
She especially loves the fluffy stuff inside her cushion, and often pulls it all out – it’s one of her favourite games!

So, that’s my catch-up post for this last day of 2011. I hope you like the new blog design – I do! I’m hoping that 2012 is a great year for all my friends – may there be much making of beautiful, practical things, for all of us, and companionship in the making and sharing 🙂


3 Responses to New Year, new look

  • Bells says:

    Oh i love the apron! Great fabric combination! I’m gearing up for another doily – what’s that pattern? Must check your rav page….

  • Bronwyn says:

    Thanks, Bells!

    The pattern for the white doily I’m making now is Majbritt 1, from Sonja Esbensen and Anna Rasmussen’s Knitted Lace. The book is listed in Ravelry, with some of the patterns listed, but not Majbritt 1 (yet!)

    The mauve doily under the teacup is the Little Flower doily a free pattern by Andrea Jurgrau. I’ve knitted it a couple of times.

    I’m planning on putting a couple of doilies into the Armidale Show in (early) March. It might take me longer to get a proper set knitted to go with the tea settings 🙂

  • Silvana says:

    That’s a great link, Caroline. My number one cmmeandomnt is the same as theirs; I try to never use my flash (until I bought the fancy one, now I use it occasionally, but it lights photos differently than on-camera flashes).