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Shawl Patterns

I’ve been designing patterns in an ad-hoc way for many years. Now I’m starting to be more disciplined in design, and will be developing and publishing patterns. My first two patterns are available for purchase as PDF donwloads through Ravelry – you don’t have to be a member of Ravelry to purchase them.

Click on the images below for a great deal more information about each pattern and for purchase links.

Brangian Shawl Pattern

Christmas Lights Shawl:

Christmas Lights Shawl


2 Responses to Shawl Patterns

  • Dear Pronwyn,
    I bought through Ravelry your absolutely phantastic pattern of the Christmas Lights Shawl. I am not quite sure, however, what you mean by “m1R and m1L”. Is this ment as an increase of stitches? I don’t really understand the instructions.
    It would be great, if you could help me.
    Please send me your comment to my e-mail address.
    Thanks a lot and regards from Austria,

  • Bronwyn says:

    Yes, they are increase stitches. There is a brief explanation of the terms on page 2 of the pattern. For more detail, though, including a comparison of different increase methods and links to clear videos showing how to do each increase, see this link:

    I’ll email you with this information as requested.

    Regards from Australia!


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