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Finished Helmi

I’ve finished my modified Helmi cardigan – and I love it!

Handknitted cardigan. Pattern: modified Helmi. Yarn: Bendigo Rustic 12 ply

(Okay, so I don’t love my over-weight shape, but the cardigan is comfy and warm and should still look fine when I’m skinnier in the tum and butt!)

I didn’t do buttonholes in the front band; for the closures, I’ve used wooden beads I’ve had in the cupboard for years, and crocheted loops. I’m planning to re-space the ‘buttons’ so that they’re closer together and it doesn’t fasten quite so low.

But all in all, I’m regarding this cardigan as a success, and I’m definitely a convert to top-down knitting. This is the first jumper/cardigan I’ve knitted for some years that I actually like as a finished product on me. And since I’ve received four cardigan-lots of wool form Bendigo Woollen Mills recently, and we’re only part-way through a cold winter, I’d better go and cast on another cardigan!

3 Responses to Finished Helmi

  • M-H says:

    It looks lovely. And you look really well.

  • Maria says:

    Helmi looks lovely, so warm, and comfy

  • Bronwyn says:

    Thanks, M-H and Maria! Yes, it is warm and comfy – just a bit low on the back of my neck for chilly Armidale days. Next time, I won’t make the neckline as wide.

    M-H, yes I’m doing well – still get a bit tired, but that could be because I’m doing too much!