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Into the blue

Céline asked for more progress photos – so here it is, into the blue shades:

blue part of rainbow scarf

The warp dyeing was a bit blotchy at this stage, but I’m telling myself that adds character!

I’m pleased with progress, even though it will seem painfully slow to some weavers. If I was able to sit down for a full day, or even for hours at a stretch, I would get it down very quickly, but as it is I get half an hour here and there in between all the other work I should be doing – PhD and writing have to get fitted in, in addition to my job. Weaving is my ‘play’ time.

I’ll start shading in the green next – but as today and tomorrow are all-day work days, it may not be until later in the week.

2 Responses to Into the blue

  • Céline says:

    Thank you!!! From here, it looks marvelous. I’m just always in awe of those color transitions and mixes… and I guess I derive vicarious weaving pleasure from watching what you do.

    As for having to work on crafts a bit at a time, I’m there with you. It was like that too when I was writing my thesis. I felt it kept my juices going. And I was always surprise at how much 20 minutes here and 30 minutes there amount to in the long run.

    Have a great week 🙂

  • astrbear says:

    Oooo, that is beautiful! Can’t wait to see a picture of the finished piece. And congratulations on being the Featured Blog of the moment!